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This project will unite us for the sake of a better future for everyone, no matter what our current situation is. Everyone has the right to be happy, and it is in our hands to bring this right to those who are forgotten and are suffering.

"Teach A Man To

And You Feed Him For A Lifetime"​

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Our Mission

- To reconnect humans with nature, starting with homeless people;

- To create a safe and welcoming space, that inspires transition from functioning in survival mode to a productive, creative state of mind;

- To build a conscious community, working together to make the world a better place, and spread the concept of ecological co-existence within nature.

We're raising funds to build a fully off grid avocado farm

The First One of a Global Network of Eco Farms,

that operates only with sustainable maintenance practices like alternative energy,
water and waste recycling, and can also be used as Resilient Hubs in case of natural disasters

Where people, experiencing homelessness, can live, receive naturopathic medical and mental health treatment, education (including professional classes), participate in yoga, meditations, art-therapies, musical jam sessions and help to produce healthy food for local markets.

The concept of The Home is rooted in the idea of
omnipresent kindness and is built on 3 principles


We all were made equally and the idea that "someone is more equal than others" doesn’t align with our view. You have all the rights to be anything you ARE or WANT to be, the only person you HAVE to be is a kind human being.

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Environmental Friendliness

To spread the ideas of ecological lifestyle is an obligation of each of us, especially now, when the world is moving so fast towards a critical point of environmental crisis. We at THE Home are proudly taking this responsibility by maintaining an organic lifestyle and educating about it as many people as we can.

Mutual Aid

When we learn how, instead of seeing an alien human being in front of us, to see the same human in need, the world becomes such a better place. And even if you can’t always be near your friends and family to help, you can be sure that someone will be there for them, if we all will be friends and family to each other.

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