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It never hurts to have more hands to expand the kindness movement. If you feel that it’s your passion to help others and make this world a better place, let us know about your talent, you want to share and we will be glad to have u in the team. We trust the process and sure that people we need will find us.

Each, even 1$ donation is important and very much appreciated, nobody did anything like this before, so it will not be easy, but stepping in it all together, we can finally change the situation.

If you represent “green” company and have the same priority of promoting an eco lifestyle as us, we will be glad to become partners with a good cause

PR, Media & Influencer support

As we offering pretty much new concept, we need to spread it as much as we can, so if you have an opportunity to share it with people through your source – it will be so much helpful.

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The group was created to gather people, not only seeking for change, but willing to actively take part in it. Once we have enough participants, we’ll open the conversation, post the ways how anyone can contribute to the movement and share their ideas. We strongly believe that together we can achieve much more than each of us alone, especially when it comes to huge problems such as homelessness and our main ecological concerns.