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Homies Jam Fest

Venice Beach, CA


No matter if you have a place to call home or not

Here, we are all together, all the same, equal people. It’s a safe and creative space, where we all have an opportunity to enjoy all the good stuff: music, yoga, meditations, inspiring talks, shower facilities, and barber stations. There is also a sharing area, where people can leave clothes, shoes or anything they want to share, and those who need it, can take some

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Homies Jam

It’s a growing conscious festival with the idea of everyone being welcome.


We started at Skid Row, where we were sitting on the grass at San Julian park, jamming all together with locals, having picnic and sharing clothes and shoes with those, who needs it. That shift of energy from being aliens to each other, to see just the same human being in front of us, when we were hugging each other as we are old friends, was so inspiring. And now thanks to your support,  we have an opportunity to offer not only music, food and supplies, but also mobile showers, barber service, all kinds of yoga, meditations and so much more – our love to everyone around us, no matter, what their situation is.

Come and experience this pure connection.


Food & Supplies

Showers & HairCuts

Yoga & Meditation

"Those selfless acts of kindness, where you just willing to give love without any expectations in return - isn't it the most powerful tool in order to achieve higher state of consciousness?"

"The pure magic happens, when we let go of our ego, and just coming together without any judgement, with open hearts"

Let us know, if you'd like to facilitate any activities, we are open for any crazy talents out there🙌

Our Angel Crew

John Dunn

Musician & Yoga Instructor


Musician & Yoga Instructor