About the home

"The time for real change has come!
Now more than ever each of us has all power and responsibility to bring the change to our earth and the whole of humanity"

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Believe in your power

The Home, embraces this responsibility and asks for your help in bringing it’s innovative solutions to some of the most pressing problems we face today. We really hope you will find a minute to get into it, understand it, and most importantly – feel it.
This project will unite us for the sake of a better future for everyone, no matter what our current situation is. Everyone has the right to be happy, and it is in our hands to bring this right to those who are forgotten and are suffering.

Embrace It

When a surgeon performs an operation he doesn’t see a person on its table, he sees only flesh and this perspective allows him to remain focused on the procedure at hand. So, too, do we sweep our eyes across our environments, blending the people on the street in need within the rest of the landscape. We do not mean to, but we do. A defense mechanism to soothe our conscience and the feelings of guilt that arise from our own inaction. We know in our hearts this is not the right behavior, and yet we continue to do it anyway, paralysed by a helplessness that we are unable to do anything meaningful to affect change.
But there is something that can be done. And we can build it together starting now.

get together

The Home, is based on principles of equality, environmental friendliness and mutual aid. Here we are asking for help in the very first step of our huge and immensely important journey. It is always hard to start something new, but the idea is so important and the challenges so pressing, that we can’t afford to not try.

open your heart

Our Eco farms would serve as a safe and creative space where people can feel that they are a part of a productive society whose ethos – rooted in goodwill – is dedicated to making this world a better place. A society in which everyone’s life is important and appreciated. Additionally, we will organize charity concerts, yoga, meditations, creative classes and educational courses to inspire  people to find their passion and learn a profession, so they can live a life of their choice in the future outside of the community.

re-connect with nature

We are raising funds to design and establish the concept of fully sustainable off grid Eco farm, – the first one of a global network of organic farms, where people, who don’t have a home, could live and work, helping to produce clean, healthy, inexpensive food to feed themselves and to sell at local markets, as part of their reintegration program. 

keep it cleen

Little by little we want to create a society oriented around bringing positive changes to our world. Since not everyone who finds a home at the farm will participate in farming, separate departments will be formed to address various issues: from beaches and city cleaning to recycling and eco clothes production

have faith in yourself

We also recognize that untreated mental illness runs rampant in the homeless community. The main idea of the farms is not to offer people job on it, but to give a second chance to them, allowing to get back on their feet; to create a safe space for those, who have to be in a survival mode on a daily basis, where they can transform it to a productive, creative state of mind, building self-confidence back, being surrounded with love and compassionate. As the number of people coming to the farm, will grow, we will hire psychologists and psychiatrists to treat those who are struggling with mental illness to help them reintegrate with society and find their place in this world.

support the youngest

So the next step is to help mothers who are not able to feed themselves and have to abandon their children. Most likely you will not hear about this in the news, but the problem is here and we have all power to solve it too. Here, in THE Home, we could welcome them and help them raise their children with the community’s support.

be smart

Also there is really important problem of enormous number of drug addicts, asking for money on the streets, pretending to be homeless or people in need, when at fact they are just seeking money to buy their next dose. When this project will be launched, one of the ideas will be to make a transition in people’s minds from giving money to homeless people as a good thing, as a help, to see the same fact as a potentially dangerous act, that just keeps them on the streets, and takes the necessity of change away. So instead of giving those people fish, now u can give them a fishing rod by addressing your help through “THE Home” project.